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Is shyness or embarrassment getting in the way of attending one of our amazing foot fetish parties? We sincerely understand why guests are still hesitant in attending our Foot Party events...even if they would love to come. That's why a free tour set in place for you. There are no obligations or no commitments to pay admission or stay. Check out the many private areas and foot session areas available to indulge in. Meeting beautiful people that are there with the simiilar interest as you. If you decide to stay after a tour then a door fee is required. It will definitely be hard to resist and walk away from a night or pure unbridle and non-stop foot fetish action taking place. Come prepared to have the time of your life and to live out your most amazing foot fetish fantasy you've ever desired.

Just imagine gorgeous women peeling off their fragrant socks, stockings and shoes, rubbing their soft high arched soles all over faces, pushing their wiggling toes into mouths and trampling guest's faces and bodies! Footnight Girls come and launch their foot bombardment on the guests! Guests should always be prepared for 5 hours of non-stop unbridle foot fetish indulgence and foot worship.

This membership website is design to compliment our guest  to get a first hand glimpse of how your favorite foot fetish session fantasies come true. It's one of the most organic and best foot fetish websites on the internet. In our exclusive members only area you'll have access to thousands of raw photos taken at our foot fetish parties of guests foot worshipping and indulging. There are so many models to choose from that attend our events. There's bartenders, students, promotional models, soccor moms, professional actresses and so much more. We take pride in ourselves to bring you the best handpick and carefully selected group of women to compliment and satisfy all your lower extremities desire. All photos are exculsive and orginal and doesn't exist anywhere on the internet. Send us an email at torontofootfetishparty@hotmail.com for your foot fetish cyber sessions and feet worship time at the convinience of your laptop.